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Soaring and Flying in the Great Northwest - May-Sep 2008

It's been a great summer of flying here in the Northwest US, either while enjoying some great Ephrata, WA soaring in the DG-1000, or expanding our range in our Piper Warrior II.

During the Ephrata encampment in late May (which is already early summer in eastern Washington), I had the rough duty of checking out a number of new consortium members in the DG-1000. Dan Tiefke, Bob Wallach and I had some awesome flights, exploring west to nearly Leavenworth, just missing out on Mt. Stuart, and getting some extremely long glides in the DG-1000, enjoying that 48:1 glide ratio!

In our Piper Warrior II, Ma and I started expanding our range, enjoying flights to new destinations in the Northwest. We ventured south to Jernstedt Field in Hood River, OR and west to Bowerman Field in Hoquiam, WA. We also got to give David a tour of the San Juan Islands and Friday Harbor, and showed the neighbors around our neighborhood, Puget Sound, Bremerton and Snoqualmie Falls.

Later in the summer we stretched our wings, and flew southwest to the beautiful Pacific coast of Oregon, cruising along the coastline and dropping into Tillamook, OR and checking out the massive World War II blimp hangar at the Tillamook Air Museum.

At the very end of summer, we took a jaunt up to the Olympic peninsula, cruising over a friend's new homestead outside Sequim, and checking out the waterfront cafes and shops at Port Angeles.

It was a great summer of soaring and flying, and we're looking forward to exploring and venturing further!