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FlightLog Archive

Flying the Super Aero 45
Jun 2024

Flying Through the SW Heat Dome
Jul 2023

Formation Flying and Formation Cards
Jul 2023

A Fine June Flying Weekend
Jun 2023

Palm Springs Shuttle
Feb 2023

Comanche and Beaver Flying
Sep-Oct 2022

Renton, WA to Maine - and Back!
Aug-Sep 2022

Nanchangs, T-28s and T-34s, Oh My!
Jul 2022

Big Sky Flying
Jul 2022

The Boys Are Back
Apr 2022

Climb Performance
Jan 2022

Black Lake Memorial Flight
Nov 2021

Leading a Bird Dog
May 2021

200 Knots Over Mt. Shasta
Apr 2021

Flying the N3N
Mar 2021

Flying the Diamond DA20
Mar 2021

Flying the RV-14
Mar 2021

Warbirds and a Warrior
Mar 2021

Auburn Veterans Flyby
Nov 2020

Shepherding L-Birds
Jul 2020

SeaTac in the Mighty 150
Jul 2020

4th of July Flyby
Jul 2020

VE Day Flyby
May 2020

Wings Over Kauai
Nov 2019

Flying to Oshkosh 2019
Jul 2019

Flying the Vashon Ranger
May 2019

Flying the Apache Geronimo
Feb 2019

Flying the Sling TSi
Nov 2018

Flying the RV-10
Oct 2018

Spring & Summer Fun Flying
Mar-Aug 2018

Memorial Day Flyby
May 2018

Warrior Formation Flying
May 2018

Flying the Cub on Floats
Mar 2018

Flying The Icon A5
Sep 2017

Vintage Aircraft Weekend
Sep 2017

RV-7 Formation Flying
Aug 2017

Viewing The Eclipse By Air
Aug 2017

California Cruisin'
Jul 2017

Bremerton Formation Clinic
Jun 2017

Summer Fun Flying
Jun-Sep 2016

Warbird Formation Flying
Jun 2016

Flying the Nanchang CJ-6 (Part 3)
Apr 2016

Flying to Oshkosh
Jul 2015

Flying the RV-6
Jun 2015

Flying in Israel
Apr 2015

Summer Fun Flying
Jul 2014

Flying in the B-17
Jun 2014

Flying the Gripen
Apr 2014

Flying the RV-8, Visiting FIFI
Nov 2013

Flying the RV-12
Sep 2013

West Coast Cruisin'
Jul 2013

First Flight in Sinus N54PK
Feb 2013

Flying the Christen Eagle
Oct 2012

Flying the Sinus
Sep 2012

Flying in the Navion
Sep 2012

Flying the Warrior to Concord, CA
Aug 2012

Flying the WACO in Kauai
May 2012

Flying the Tetra-15/HP-24
Jan 2012

First Flight with Alex
Jan 2012

Remembering Lynn Weller
Oct 2011

Flying the USAF Academy DG-1001
Jun 2011

Flying the Champ
May 2011

Flying Ma in the DG-1000
May 2011

Flying in a T-6 Three-Ship
Apr 2011

Flying the Warrior to Long Beach, CA
Jul 2010

Flying the Zenith CH 701 and RV-7
Jun 2010

Soaring in the Pipistrel Taurus
May 2010

Ephrata Dust Up
May 2009

DG-1000 on TV
Apr 2009

Flying the A36 Bonanza
Dec 2008

Soaring in the ASH-25 Mi
Nov 2008

Flying the Cessna 340
Sep 2008

Flying the Stearman PT-18
Sep 2008

Soaring and Flying in the Great Northwest
May-Sep 2008

Flying the Kitfox on Floats
Jun 2008

Flying Old Yaller in Alaska
Apr 2008

Flying the Nanchang CJ-6 (Part 2)
Jun 2007

DG-1000 Soaring in Australia
Mar 2007

Father/Son DG-1000 Soaring
Dec 2006

Flying the Nanchang CJ-6
Dec 2006

Soaring in Australia
Dec 2006

Soaring in the DG-303
Nov 2006

Soaring in Poland
Jun 2006

Soaring in the HpH 304 CZ
May 2006

Flying the Lake 250 Renegade
May 2006

Soaring in Hemet, CA
Apr 2006

Flying a Classic Cessna 120
Jan 2006

Flying the Jet Caproni
Jun 2005

Warrior Flying

Soaring in Lynn Weller's DG-1000

Ridge Soaring in Hawaii
Mar 2005

Flying the 1946 Swift
Nov 2004

Flying in the Goodyear Blimp
Oct 2004

Flying the Cirrus
Sep 2004

DG-1000 Soaring in New Zealand
Mar 2004

Checking Out in the DG-1000
Sep 2003

Ephrata Soaring Encampment
Jun 2003

14,000 Feet in a Warrior
Dec 2002

Flying the Stemme S10-VT
Oct 2002

Darrington Soaring Expedition
Jul 2002

Winter Soaring in Florida
Feb 2002

Flying the T-33 Again
Oct 2001

Soaring in Ireland
Aug 1999

Soaring in the UK
May 1999

Rancher Bob Flies with an Eagle
Sep 1985

Tan Eagles
Jun 1983

A LONG cross-country
Mar 1983

Five Kills-Five Bags
May 1980

Flying the F-15 Eagle

Other Fighters

Willie and the KC-135 to Barksdale
Nov 1977

Flying the DC-3
Jul 1977

Flying the Phoebus
May 1976

Ballooning in Albuquerque
May 1976